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Fashion Designing Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Complete Set: The Isomars Fashion Designing Kit is a comprehensive combo of 12 essential products that every fashion designer, tailor, or creative enthusiast should have in their toolkit. From measuring to cutting to designing, this kit has it all.

High-Quality Materials: The majority of the kit's components, including L-scale, Leg Curve, Arm Curve, Hip Curve, Straight Scale, Gridding Scale, Pattern Master, Armhole Curve, Seam Ripper, Art Curve, and Thread Cutter, are crafted from virgin plastic. This choice of material ensures durability, precision, and long-lasting use.

Triangular Card Scale: The kit also includes a Triangular Card Scale, a valuable addition for measuring and drawing accurate angles and lines.

Product Specifications

  • 12-Piece Combo Kit: This kit includes L-scale (12 x 24 inches), Leg Curve (24 inches), Arm Curve (24 inches), Hip Curve (24 inches), Straight Scale (24 inches), Gridding Scale, Pattern Master, Armhole Curve, Seam Ripper, Art Curve, Thread Cutter, and Triangular Card Scale.

  • High-Quality Virgin Plastic: 10 of the kit's components are made from virgin plastic for durability and precision.

  • Triangular Card Scale: The Triangular Card Scale is made from sturdy cardboard.

Invest in quality, precision, and versatility with the Isomars Fashion Designing Kit. It's the perfect companion for fashion designers, tailors, and creative minds who aspire to create stunning clothing designs with confidence and ease.

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