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Fashion Designing Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Features

L-Scale: A large, precise scale ideal for drafting patterns and measuring fabric. Clear markings in both inches and centimeters ensure accuracy.

Hip Curve and Leg Curve: These curved rulers facilitate precise and smooth drafting of curved garment sections. Designed to accommodate various body measurements and curves.

Straight Scale: A long, versatile ruler for straight lines and measurements. Markings in both inches and centimeters for convenience.

Gridding Scale: A useful scale with a gridded pattern for measuring and aligning patterns. Clear and accurate markings for precise pattern making.

Set Square Technical: A technical set square for drafting perpendicular and parallel lines. Essential for creating accurate patterns and designs.

French Curve Set 3: Three French curves with different shapes and sizes. Ideal for drawing smooth curves and freehand designs.

Art Curve Set of 2: Two art curves, one in centimeters and one in inches. Perfect for artistic and creative freehand sketching.

Arm Hole Curve: Specifically designed to create precise armhole shapes on patterns. Ensures an accurate fit for sleeves.

Product Specifications:

  • L-Scale Size: 14 X 24
  • Hip Curve Size: 24
  • Leg Curve Size: 24
  • Straight Scale Size: 24
  • Gridding Scale Size: 18
  • Set Square Technical Size: 10 X 12
  • French Curve Set: 3

The Isomars Fashion Designing Kit is a versatile and comprehensive collection of tools that empowers both beginners and professionals to create stunning fashion designs and garments. With these precise and reliable instruments at your disposal, your fashion creations will reach new levels of excellence. Elevate your fashion designing experience with this essential kit.

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