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Erasing Shield - Set 0f 2

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  • Craftsmanship Unleashed: The Isomars Erasing Shield Set of 2 showcases our commitment to quality. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these shields are engineered to be your trusted erasing companions.

  • Affordable Excellence: Quality shouldn't come at a premium. This set offers superior craftsmanship without stretching your budget, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.

  • Precision Erasing: Whether you're using an Auto Eraser (19060) or any other type of eraser, these shields are ideally suited for the task. Their flexibility allows them to contour to any shape needed, ensuring that you achieve precise erasure every time.

Featuring more than 20 apertures, these shields enable exact erasure of lines, dots, and other details. They provide the precision you need to achieve flawless results in your projects.

The Isomars Erasing Shield Set of 2 embodies our commitment to providing exceptional tools that enhance your precision and creativity. It's more than just a set of shields; it's an investment in the quality and accuracy of your work.




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