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Isomars Engineering Kit Set of 6

Paul Brothers

Isomars Engineering Kit Contains - *Mini Drafter - Student includes Steel Rod Metal Frame Unbreakable Scale. *Set Square Set of 2 *Art # SS810 - 8" x 10" *20cm/8" - 45° x 25cm/10" - 60° *Clear Plastic Bevel Edge With Protractor. *Pro Circle * Art # P45 *11cm/4.5" *Clear Plastic *Thickness : 1.8mm. Ruler 12" *Art # Y12 *Clear Plastic *Both Side Bevel *Size : 300 x 40 x 2.5mm* Compass Set of 8 *Engineering Template - Circles of radius from 1mm to 10mm can be drawn easily and quickly, using the holes provided in the template. Similarly the points of the Regular Pentagons and Regular Hexagons can be marked by following proper holes in sequence. Here all the polygons have a respective common center. Draw Center-line with the help of serration available in the right topside of the template.

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