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Isomars Engineering Kit Set of 4 with Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm, 10 Leads & Eraser

Paul Brothers

Isomars Engineering Kit contains four items. 1. Set Square Set of 2 *Art # SS1012 - 10" x 12" *25cm/10" - 45° x 30cm/12" - 60° *Clear Plastic Bevel Edge With Protractor. *Thickness : 2.5mm *Both Side Marking (mm/Inch) 2. Engineering Template * Art # ET *Circles of radius from 1mm to 10mm can be drawn easily and quickly, using the holes provided in the template. *Similarly the points of the Regular Pentagons and Regular Hexagons can be marked by following proper holes in sequence. Here all the polygons have a respective common center. *Draw Center-line with the help of serration available in the right topside of the template. 3. Pro Circle * Art # P45 *11cm/4.5" *Clear Plastic *Thickness : 1.8mm 4. Ruler 12" *Art # Y12 *Clear Plastic *Both Side Bevel *Size : 300 x 40 x 2.5mm Mechanical Pencil is designed for long-lasting use. Non slip grip for daily writing. It is the suitable tool for sketching and drawing. Superior drafting pencil for general and technical writing. Comes with eraser.

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