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Isomars Drawing & Drafting Board - A1 - 25.5 x 35 inches


Unrivaled Quality, Unbeatable Price: The Isomars Wooden Drawing & Drafting Board redefines affordability without sacrificing quality. Crafted from melamine wood, it offers a robust surface that withstands the demands of creative work, all at a competitive price.

Lightweight and Sturdy: This board effortlessly combines lightweight design with unwavering stability. Its balanced construction makes it easy to transport, ensuring a versatile workspace wherever your inspiration takes you.

Multi-Angle Flexibility: Unlock your creative potential with the multi-angle feature. Whether it's sketching, drafting, or illustrating, the adjustable angles empower you to work comfortably, adapting to your unique creative process.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Melamine Wood
  • Frame: Unbreakable Plastic
  • Wooden bar at the bottom

 The Isomars Wooden Drawing & Drafting Board is a testament to our commitment to offering top-notch quality at an accessible price point. Elevate your creative process, hone your skills, and embrace the world of limitless possibilities.

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