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Drawing Brush Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Outstanding Liquid Holding Capacity: The Isomars Drawing Brush Set includes paint brushes that excel in liquid holding capacity. 

Fine Synthetic Bristles: These brushes feature fine, natural-looking synthetic bristles. This quality makes them versatile and suitable for acrylic painting, oil media, watercolors, and even face painting. 

Shape Retention: The synthetic bristles are designed to retain their shape over time. They maintain their form even after repeated use and washing, ensuring that your brush strokes are precise and your creative expressions are flawless.

Product Specifications
  • Set Type: Drawing Brush Set
  • Components: Paint brushes, sketch pad, palette
  • Brush Bristle Material: Fine synthetic bristles
  • Sketch Pad Paper: Smooth sheets
  • Palette Material: Virgin polypropylene plastic
  • Color Mixing Columns: 12

With paint brushes that excel in liquid holding capacity, a sketch pad ideal for various mediums, and a functional palette for color mixing, this set empowers artists to create with precision and bring their artistic expressions to life. Unlock your creative potential with the Isomars Drawing Brush Set and take your artistry to new heights.

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