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Drawing & Drafting Board (A2 size - 18.5'' x 25'') with Mini Drafter

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Crafted for Excellence: The Drawing & Drafting Board stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. Laminated on both sides and constructed with precision, it offers a reliable surface for your creative visions to come to life.

Value that Inspires: With the inclusion of a Mini Drafter, this set provides a complete solution without compromising your budget. Experience the luxury of professional-grade tools at a competitive price.

Optimal Working Angle: The fixed 15-degree working angle ensures comfort and precision during your creative sessions, supporting your endeavors without strain.

Product Specifications:

  • Board Size: A2 (18.5'' x 25'')
  • Working Angle: 15-degree
  • Included: Mini Drafter
  • Material: Dual-Sided Laminated Surface
  • Additional Feature: Carry Handle

The Drawing & Drafting Board with Mini Drafter showcases our commitment to providing exceptional tools that inspire creativity. It's not just a set; it's an investment in your artistic journey.

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