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A3 Drawing Board Matic - With Bag

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Designed for Mobility: The A3 Drawing Board Matic is tailor-made for creativity on-the-go. The slim and compact case ensures you can carry your boards and stationery without the unnecessary bulk, allowing you to unleash your creativity wherever inspiration strikes.

Complete Toolkit: This kit doesn't just offer a drawing board; it includes a triangle ruler for accurate measurements, making it a comprehensive solution for your creative needs.

Magnetic Clamping Rail: The board features a magnetic clamping rail that securely holds your paper in place, enabling you to work with precision and ease.

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for: A3 Size Boards
  • Included: Slim Compact Case, Triangle Ruler, Magnetic Clamping Rail

The A3 Drawing Board Matic with Bag exemplifies our commitment to enhancing your creative journey. Crafted with functionality and mobility in mind, it's the ideal companion for anyone who believes that creativity knows no bounds.

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