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Cutting Mat A3 & Cutter Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Self-Healing Surface: The cutting mat features a self-healing surface, which means it can withstand cuts and slices without leaving permanent marks. This feature prolongs the life of the mat and ensures a smooth, consistent surface for all your cutting needs.

Marking Guides: The mat includes marking guides for accurate measurements and alignment, ensuring your cuts are always precise.

Multi-Purpose: Whether you're working on crafts, artwork, or other projects, this cutter is versatile and ready to tackle various cutting tasks.

Product Specifications
  • Cutting Mat Size: A3 (450mm x 300mm)
  • Cutter Blade Size: 18mm
  • Cutting Mat Material: Self-Healing Surface
  • Cutter Material: Durable Plastic and Metal
  • Combo Includes: Self-Healing Cutting Mat (A3) and 18mm Cutter

Whether you're a professional designer, an artist, or a crafting enthusiast, this combo enhances your creative process by offering accuracy and durability in one package. Make it your choice for all your cutting needs.

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