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Mixing Palette

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Airtight Design: The Isomars Mixing Palette is ingeniously designed to be airtight. This feature is invaluable for artists who work on projects over extended periods.

Ample Paint Wells: With 21 generously sized paint wells, this palette offers abundant space to hold your various colors. 

Columns for Organization: The Isomars Mixing Palette boasts 42 columns in total. Each column is ready to host a different color or mixture, allowing you to keep your palette organized and your creative process seamless.

Product Specifications
  • Palette Type: Folded, Air Tight
  • Paint Wells: 21
  • Mixing Compartments: 12
  • Columns: 42
  • Lid: Included for Airtight Seal
  • Material: Durable Plastic

Whether you're an artist who thrives on color blending, a watercolorist who values pigment purity, or a painter in any medium, the Isomars Mixing Palette offers an organized and airtight solution to elevate your work.

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