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Colour Mixing Palette

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable plastic, this palette can withstand rigorous use, providing a long-lasting companion for your artistic journey. 

Effortless Cleanup: The smooth surface allows you to wipe off excess paint quickly, ensuring that your palette is ready for your next masterpiece without the hassle of stubborn residue.

Brush-Friendly Design: They safeguard the bristles of your brushes, preventing wear and tear. Your brushes remain in excellent condition for smooth strokes and precise applications.

Product Specifications
  • Palette Material: Durable Plastic
  • Columns: 25 Columns of Varying Sizes
  • Palette Dimensions: 230mm x 340mm

The Isomars Colour Mixing Palette is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for your creativity. Whether you're an emerging artist experimenting with color or a seasoned professional crafting complex masterpieces, this palette caters to your needs.

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