Isomars Clay Modelling Tool Set

Paul Brothers

  • This Mini Modeling Tool Set consists of 10 double ended tools, providing different tool shapes to cut, carve, smooth, and create texture when sculpting .
  • Cut and contour with the large blade end and smooth surfaces evenly with the rounded end tool.
  • The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy.
  • Use the short blade tool to slice and cut clay and the pointed end produces uniform convex surfaces.
  • Crosshatch and make fine lines with the large blade tool.
  • The curved end contours delicate features.
  • Score fine lines with the pointed angle tool.
  • Hollow out small areas with the small curved tool.
  • Length: Approx. 21 cm Material : Wood 10 X Clay Sculpture Tools.

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