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Circle Template + Pro Circle + 2mm Mechanical Pencil with 10 Leads Combo Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. 2mm Mechanical Pencil:

    • Engineered for Excellence: The 2mm Mechanical Pencil in this set is a testament to durability and functionality. With a non-slip metal grip, it is ideal for daily writing, sketching, and technical drawings.
    • Long-Lasting Performance: Crafted for long-lasting use, this mechanical pencil is a superior tool for both general and technical writing.
  2. Circle Shapes Designing and Drafting Template:

    • Versatile Circle Sizes: The included template features circles of various sizes, offering versatility in your designs. Transparent orange plastic allows you to easily position and trace the circles precisely.
    • Large Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 238 x 120 mm, this template provides ample space for intricate and detailed circle-based designs.
  3. Pro Circle:

    • High-Quality Construction: The Pro Circle in this set is made from high-quality plastic, ensuring reliability and accuracy in every use. It is a valuable tool for professionals engaged in designing and drafting.

Isomars brings you a combo set where quality meets affordability. Enjoy the precision of these drafting tools without breaking the bank.
Whether you're an artist, designer, or architect, this combo set is crafted to enhance your creative process. From precise circles to detailed sketches, these tools are your trusted companions.

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