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Ceramic Tools (Set of 11)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Multi-Purpose Tool Set: The Isomars Ceramic Tools Set includes a range of brushes and an assortment of metal-tipped tools, perfect for cleaning, shaping, sculpting, and creating decorative effects on clay surfaces. 

Materials That Last: The wood-handled brushes and metal-tipped tools ensure a comfortable grip, allowing you to work on your ceramics projects for extended periods without discomfort.

Perfect for Fine Detail Work: These tools are excellent for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving, touch-ups, and finishing. They help you bring your artistic vision to life with intricate precision.

Product Specifications
  • Materials: Metal + Wood
  • Ideal For: Clay Surfaces, Leather, Sculpting, Engraving, Carving, Fine Detail Work

With the Isomars Ceramic Tools Set of 11, you have a comprehensive set of tools at your disposal to perfect your ceramics creations. Whether you're cleaning, shaping, engraving, or sculpting, these tools are designed to meet your artistic demands.

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