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Car Designing Templates (Set of 16)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Comprehensive Set: The Isomars Oval Templates Set includes 16 templates, each varying in degrees from 15° to 90°. These templates offer a wide range of oval shapes to meet your design needs.

Transparent Plastic: Crafted from orange transparent plastic with a thickness of 1.5mm, these templates are both durable and provide transparency for easy positioning and drawing.

Wide Range of Applications: These templates are suitable for a multitude of artistic and craft applications, such as jewelry (jewellery) design, illustration, card making, and more. 

Product Specifications
  • Weight: 230 Grams
  • Item Model Number: 1900
  • Type: Oval Shapes Stencils
The Isomars Oval Templates Set offers precision and convenience for various design and crafting projects. Create beautiful oval shapes with ease and accuracy, making your artistic creations stand out.

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