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Calligraphy Professional Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Complete Calligraphy Set: The Professional Set is a one-stop solution for all your calligraphy needs. It includes a range of holders, nibs, ink, and essential accessories to cater to various calligraphic styles.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with attention to detail, the included pens, nibs, and ink deliver smooth, precise, and consistent performance, ensuring your calligraphy experience is enjoyable and professional.

Versatile Pigmented Ink: The black ink included in the set is pigmented and versatile, suitable for use with calligraphy pens, fountain pens, steel brushes, and crow quill nibs and holders, offering flexibility for various artistic applications.

Product Specifications:
  • 1 Oblique Holder
  • 1 Nib Holder
  • 1 Wooden Manga Holder
  • 7 Calligraphy/Dip Nibs
  • 1 Black Ink - 35ml
  • 1 Manual
  • 8 Tags/Cards (Assorted)

Experience the world of calligraphy and artistry like never before with the Isomars Calligraphy Professional Set. Whether you're crafting expressive lettering, intricate designs, or personalized masterpieces, this comprehensive set equips you with the tools and inspiration to create with precision and artistic finesse.

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