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Brush Roll Up Case

Paul Brothers

Key Features

30 Pockets for Brush Storage: The Isomars Brush Roll Up Case boasts 30 pockets specially designed to hold your precious brushes. 

Separate Pouches: The case includes separate pouches for storing your painting brushes, allowing you to categorize and organize them according to your preferences. 

Convenient Roll-Up Design: Roll it up to easily transport your brushes wherever your creativity takes you, and then unroll it for quick and convenient access to your entire brush collection.

Durable Natural Canvas: Crafted from 10 oz natural canvas, the Isomars Brush Roll Up Case is both durable and environmentally friendly. 

Product Specifications
  • Case Material: Natural canvas (10 oz)
  • Pockets: 30 pockets for brush storage
  • Separate Pouches: Yes
  • Size: 21" W x 18" H
  • Brushes: Not included (case only)
Crafted from durable natural canvas, this case is both practical and environmentally friendly. Please note that this case does not include brushes, making it the ideal companion for artists who want to store and protect their existing brush collection. 

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