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Brush Pen (Set of 3)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Three Brush Pens: This set includes three brush pens, each equipped with nylon brush tips and refillable reservoirs, ensuring a consistent and customizable flow of ink.
Variety of Sizes: Explore different brush sizes to suit your artistic needs: Small (1.4cm hair length), Medium (1.6cm hair length), and Large (1.7cm hair length).
Fine Tips and Round Brushes: With fine tips for intricate details and round brushes for broader strokes, these pens cater to both precision work and broader artistic layouts.
Long-Wear and Color Control: Experience long-wearing performance and exceptional color control with every stroke. The filaments hold color effectively, delivering smooth and even results. 

Set Includes:

  • Small pen size: hair length: 1. 4cm
  • Medium pen size: hair length: 1. 6cm
  • Large pen size: hair length: 1. 7cm
  • round brushes for whole layout

Whether you're creating intricate calligraphy scripts or vibrant watercolor masterpieces, the Isomars Brush Pen Set of 3 empowers your artistic expression. With fine-tuned control and versatility, it's an essential tool for artists seeking impeccable results in their work.

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