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Artist Liner Brush (Set of 7)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Premium Quality Golden Taklon Hair: The brushes are equipped with the finest quality golden taklon hair bristles, known for their ability to hold a substantial amount of paint. 

Versatile Application: The brushes in this set are suitable for a wide range of artistic mediums, including acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolors, and even face painting. 

Even Paint Distribution: The taklon hair bristles retain their shape and can easily glide over your canvas or medium, providing you with the control to paint intricate details and fine lines.

Product Specifications
  • Bristle Material: Golden Taklon Hair
  • Handle Color: Matt Black with Golden Ferrule
  • Brush No: D8, C8, F8, R6, FL6, D6, WB-1
  • Brush Shapes: Deer Foot, Comb, Fan, Round, Flat, Dagger, Wash Brush

Whether you are working on a detailed portrait, an intricate landscape, or unique abstract art, this set equips you with the tools to achieve your artistic vision. The Isomars Artist Liner Brush Set is your key to unlocking precision and fine detail in your art.

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