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Artist Coloring Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Wooden Easel (17"): The 17-inch wooden easel is your sturdy, adjustable support for displaying your artwork. 

Canvas Board (12" x 10"): The included 12" x 10" canvas board is your canvas for creativity. It provides the perfect surface to express your artistic vision. 

Color Set (6 Acrylic Colors): These versatile paints offer brilliant, long-lasting hues that can be used for a wide range of artistic projects. 

Brushes (3 Different Sizes): With three different-sized brushes at your disposal, you have the tools to add intricate details or make bold strokes.

Color Palette: The small apple shape palette adds a touch of whimsy to your creative space. It's the ideal surface for mixing and blending your acrylic colors. 

Plastic Dipper for Water: The plastic dipper for water ensures that you can clean your brushes between colors, maintaining the integrity of your artwork.

Product Specifications
  • Wooden Easel: 17"
  • Canvas Board: 12" x 10"
  • Color Set: 6 Acrylic Colors
  • Brushes: 3 Different Sizes
  • Color Palette: Small Apple Shape Palette (14 cm)

Whether you're sketching, painting, or experimenting with mixed media, this kit equips you with the essentials needed to embark on your artistic journey. Embrace your inner artist, and let the Isomars Artist Coloring Kit be your creative muse. Order yours today and start painting your colorful world!

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