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Architect Kit A2 - Board Size 18'' x 25''

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Architect Kit Board Size: A2 (18" x 25")

    • Double-sided Lamination: The board is laminated on both sides with wood, ensuring durability and a smooth drawing surface.
    • Parallel Motion: Enjoy the precision of a fitted parallel motion ruler for accurate and straight drawings.
    • 15° Working Angle: The board features a 15° working angle for ergonomic and comfortable use.
    • Carry Handle: Conveniently carry your drafting board wherever your creative projects take you.
  2. Adjustable Set Square 10" and Protractor 180°/6"

    • Versatile Drawing Tools: The kit includes an Adjustable Set Square (10") for precise angles and a Protractor (180°/6") for accurate measurements.
  3. Additional Accessories:

    • 2mm Lead Sharpener: Keep your leads sharp and ready for detailed work.
    • Led Tube with 10 2mm Leads: A convenient supply of high-quality leads for uninterrupted drawing.
    • Compass Set: Achieve perfect circles and arcs with the included compass set.
    • Erasing Shield: Ensure clean and precise erasures with the durable erasing shield.
    • Durable Kit Bag: Safely store and transport your architectural tools with the included durable kit bag.

The Isomars Architect Kit A2 is a must-have for architects and designers seeking precision, versatility, and quality in their drafting tools. Elevate your creative process with a laminated drawing board, essential drawing instruments, and convenient accessories, all bundled in one competitively priced kit.

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