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Drawing & Drafting Architect College Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Components:

  1. Set Square - Technical - Set of 2 (10" x 12"):

    • Crafted from clear plastic with a thickness of 2.9mm.
    • Step inking edge and center finger lift for enhanced functionality.
    • Perfectly calibrated for 45° and 60° angles, facilitating meticulous designs.
  2. Stainless Steel Scale:

    • A durable and reliable stainless steel scale for accurate measurements.
    • Essential for creating straight lines and maintaining precision in your architectural drawings.
  3. Triangular White Plastic Scale:

    • Precision divisions on a 30cm/12inch white plastic scale for meticulous drafting.
    • An indispensable tool for architects and designers requiring accuracy in their work.
  4. 6.2mm Lead Sharpener:

    • Keep your pencils ready for detailed sketches with the included lead sharpener.
    • Ensures a consistent and sharp point for your technical pencils.
  5. Technical Drawing Pen Set of 3:

    • Three pens (0.2, 0.3, 0.5) for varied line weights and precise detailing.
    • Black ink for professional-looking drawings.
    • Engineering compass, compass attachment, joint holder, and three pen stations complete the set.
  6. Ellipses Isomars Drafting/Designing Template:

    • Made from orange transparent plastic (1.5mm) for rigidity.
    • Ideal for architectural and interior design applications.
    • Enhances the precision of ellipses in your drawings.

Isomars brings you a kit that combines top-notch quality with competitive pricing. This Architect College Kit is a testament to Isomars' commitment to providing tools that meet the high standards of architectural drafting.

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