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Adjustable Set Squares - 10"

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  • Craftsmanship Unleashed: The Isomars Adjustable Set Squares - 10" exemplify our commitment to quality. Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, they are engineered to be your steadfast drafting companions.

  • Affordable Excellence: Quality shouldn't come at a premium. These set squares offer superior craftsmanship without stretching your budget, making them an essential addition to your toolkit.

  • Versatility in Design: Each set square features a smooth edge, a tracing edge, and a beveled edge, ensuring smudge-free use with ink. This versatility allows you to create a wide range of precise lines and shapes in your drafting work.

The Isomars Adjustable Set Squares - 10" embody our commitment to providing exceptional tools that enhance your precision and creativity. They're not just set squares; they're an investment in the quality and accuracy of your work.

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