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Art Stump Combo (Set of 10)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Paper Stumps (Set of 6): This set includes six paper stumps in various sizes, allowing you to blend and smudge pencil, charcoal, pastel, and graphite with ease. 

Erasing Shield: It features various small openings that help you erase tiny details without affecting the surrounding areas. This ensures your artwork remains clean and refined.

Pencil Extender: The pencil extender lets you utilize every last bit of your pencils. It offers a comfortable grip and control, extending the life of your art supplies.

Product Specifications
  • Paper Stump Quantity: 6
  • Erasing Shield: Included
  • Pencil Extender: Included
  • Kneadable Eraser: Included
  • Sand Paper: Included

The erasing shield, pencil extender, kneadable eraser, and sandpaper round out this set, ensuring that you have every tool necessary to refine and perfect your artistic creations.

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