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Isomars Bed Desk/Floor Desk Laptop Study Table for Work from Home, Online Classes, Card Games and Kid's Activities (Black - Extra Large)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Design for Every Need:

    • Ideal for a variety of activities, from office work and online classes to card games and more.
    • The multipurpose table adapts to your needs, providing a comfortable space for diverse tasks.
  2. Comfortable Sitting Anywhere:

    • Say goodbye to discomfort while sitting on the floor, sofa, or bed for extended hours.
    • The table offers a convenient surface for your activities, making your workspace adaptable to your preferences.
  3. Foldable for Easy Storage:

    • After use, simply fold the legs to transform your workspace into a compact, easily storable unit.
    • Perfect for those with limited space—effortlessly tuck it away until your next use.
  4. Spacious Table-Top:

    • The large tabletop (30'' x 17'') provides ample space for your laptop, mobile phone, cards, notebooks, stationery, and more.
    • Keep everything you need within arm's reach for enhanced productivity and convenience.

Isomars is committed to delivering quality products at a competitive price. The Multipurpose Table is a testament to our dedication to providing value without compromise.

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