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Human Position Figure Position Template

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Diverse Figure Collection: This template boasts a collection of figures, both male and female, showcasing various heights and body positions. Whether you're creating character sketches, fashion illustrations, or architectural renderings, you'll have a wide range of figures to choose from.

Front and Side Views: The template provides both front and side views of figures, allowing you to capture different angles and perspectives in your drawings. This versatility ensures that you can depict figures in a variety of poses and orientations.

High Transparency: Crafted from transparent orange plastic, this template offers excellent transparency. It allows you to precisely position the template over your drawing medium, ensuring that your figures align perfectly with your artistic vision.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Transparent Orange Plastic
  • Dimensions: 310mm x 187mm

Elevate your artistic and technical drawings with the precision and versatility provided by the Isomars Human Position Figure Position Template. Capture the essence of human figures in various poses with confidence and accuracy, enhancing the visual impact of your creative work.

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