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Button Measuring Scale

Paul Brothers

Key Features

High-Quality Acrylic Construction: The Isomars Button Measuring Scale is constructed from top-grade transparent acrylic. This material not only guarantees durability but also provides excellent visibility, allowing you to accurately measure and size buttons for your clothing designs.

Perfect for Fashion Design and Tailoring: It simplifies the process of measuring buttons, ensuring a snug and professional fit for your garments. Whether you're working on clothing repairs, alterations, or new creations, this scale is an essential tool.

Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 167 x 93 x 2 mm, this button measuring scale is compact and easy to carry. It can be conveniently stored in your sewing kit or workstation, making it readily available whenever you need it.

Transparent Design: The transparent nature of the scale allows you to precisely position and size buttons without any obstructions. This transparency is essential for achieving accurate measurements and ensuring the perfect fit for your clothing projects.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Transparent acrylic
  • Size: 167 x 93 x 2 mm
  • Application: Button sizing and measurement for fashion designing and tailoring

Whether you're working on custom clothing, alterations, or sewing projects, this scale will help you achieve the impeccable finish your designs deserve. Add this valuable tool to your collection and experience the difference it makes in your fashion endeavors.

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