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Marine/Nautical Divider

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Traditional 22 cm Design:

    • The divider features a traditional 22 cm design, making it a timeless choice for navigational plotting.
    • Perfectly sized for accurate measurements and ease of handling.
  2. Single-Handed Operation:

    • Engineered for single-handed operation, providing navigators and professionals with the flexibility and ease they need.
    • Enables efficient plotting and chart work without the need for a second hand.
  3. Brass Construction:

    • The straight pattern navigational dividers are meticulously crafted with brass, ensuring durability and longevity.
    • Brass construction adds a touch of elegance while guaranteeing robust performance.
  4. Versatile Navigational Tool:

    • Tailored for nautical engineers, professionals, and artists, this divider is a versatile tool for various applications.
    • Whether you are charting a course or creating intricate drawings, this divider is up to the task.

Isomars Marine/Nautical Divider is synonymous with quality that doesn't break the bank. We understand the importance of precision in navigation, and our divider is crafted to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Our commitment to quality ensures that our tools stand the test of time, providing you with reliable companions for your creative and professional journeys. Choose Isomars for tools that redefine precision.

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