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Marine/Nautical Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Marine/Nautical Compass - Brass Mastery (Size: 22cm/9"):

    • Crafted from high-quality brass, this compass is a lightweight yet sturdy navigation tool.
    • Size optimized for portability without compromising on accuracy.
    • Single-handed operation for ease of use during navigational chart plotting.
  2. Set Square - Professional/Protractor (25cm/10"):

    • Elevate your drawings with a set square featuring a wooden handle for comfortable use.
    • Clear acrylic construction with markings in both mm and cm for versatile precision.
    • Bevel edge design and a substantial thickness of 2.8mm ensure durability and accuracy.
  3. Marine/Nautical Parallel Bar - Professional (Dimensions: 525 x 5mm/21"):

    • Clear acrylic construction provides optical clarity for precise plotting.
    • Brass joints and markings enhance the durability and functionality of the parallel bar.
    • A reliable tool for maintaining straight lines in navigational charts and technical drawings.

Whether you are a maritime engineer, navigator, or enthusiast, this kit offers the versatility needed for various tasks, from plotting courses to technical drawings.

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