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Marine/Nautical Compass with Lead

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight and Durable:

    • Crafted from lightweight brass, this compass is built to withstand the rigors of maritime adventures.
    • It's the perfect navigation tool for all marine applications, from plotting courses to cartography.
  2. Precision at Its Core:

    • One leg of the compass features a fixed point, ensuring stability and accuracy in your navigational tasks.
    • The other leg is designed to hold a replaceable pencil lead, allowing you to make precise marks on your charts or maps.
  3. Complete Set:

    • This comprehensive set includes everything you need for accurate navigation:
      • 2mm Lead Sharpener: Keep your pencil lead sharp and ready for precise marking.
      • 1 Lead Box: Conveniently stores your spare leads for extended use.

Isomars is synonymous with delivering quality without compromise, all at a competitive price. The Marine/Nautical Compass with Lead is no exception, offering precision and durability that won't break the bank.

Isomars is committed to providing top-quality tools that exceed expectations. The Marine/Nautical Compass with Lead is no exception. Elevate your nautical adventures with Isomars—where precision meets affordability.

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