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Isomars Multipurpose Laptop Table Study Desk Drawing Table, Caster Lockable Wheels, Adjustable Height and Angle for Work from Home, Office, Bedroom - Black (Alloy Steel)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Purpose Design:

    • The Isomars Multipurpose Laptop Table serves as a study desk, drawing table, and more.
    • Ideal for home, office, and classes, offering flexibility for various tasks.
  2. Optimal Table Top Size:

    • Spacious table top measuring 30"x17", providing ample space for your laptop, books, and stationery.
    • Accommodates your work essentials without compromising on comfort.
  3. Mobility with Lockable Wheels:

    • Equipped with lockable wheels for easy mobility and stability as needed.
    • Effortlessly move your workspace to different locations while ensuring a secure and stable setup.
  4. Floor Adjusters for Stability:

    • Features floor adjusters to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.
    • Achieve a leveled and secure working environment for focused productivity.
  5. Stationery Instruments / Pen Holder:

    • Convenient built-in holder for stationery instruments and pens.
    • Keep your essentials within reach, maintaining an organized workspace.
  6. Work from Home and Online Classes Ready:

    • Designed to meet the demands of the modern work-from-home and online learning scenarios.
    • Provides an ideal setup for focused body angles and ergonomic comfort.
  7. Easy Height and Angle Adjustment:

    • Effortlessly adjust the height and angle of the table to suit your preferences.
    • Tailor your workspace to enhance comfort and reduce strain during long sessions.

The  Adjustable Laptop / Study Table (30'' x 17'') is crafted for those who seek a balance of quality and competitive pricing. Upgrade your workspace with a table that adapts to your needs, providing comfort and efficiency.

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