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Multipurpose Table (Wooden)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Multipurpose Functionality:

    • Ideal for work from home, study sessions, or even as a convenient breakfast table.
    • Versatile design adapts to various tasks, making it a perfect all-in-one solution.
  2. Wooden Texture Elegance:

    • Crafted with a wooden texture for a timeless and elegant appearance.
    • Enhances the aesthetics of your space while providing a sturdy surface.
  3. Adjustable Height and Angle:

    • Tailor the table to your preferred height (66cm to 96cm) for a customized ergonomic experience.
    • Easily adjust the angle for optimal comfort, whether you're working or enjoying leisure time.
  4. Mobility and Stability:

    • Equipped with lockable wheels for effortless mobility and floor adjusters for stability.
    • Move it around the room with ease or secure it in place for focused work.
  5. Student-Friendly Study Table:

    • Perfect for students, creating a dedicated space for focused studying.
    • Compact dimensions (Length - 50cm, Breadth - 35cm) make it suitable for various room sizes.

Upgrade your workspace with the Multipurpose Wooden Table, where functionality meets style, and work becomes a pleasure.

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