Jewelry Design Template- Curve Shape

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatile Creative Companion: Whether you're designing jewelry pieces, illustrating your artistic visions, or creating unique cards, it simplifies the process of adding intricate curve shapes to different surfaces.

Elegant Curves and Ornaments: Inside this template, you'll find an array of elegant curves and ornaments, each exuding its unique charm and style. This diversity empowers both budding designers and seasoned artisans to explore a wide range of artistic styles, from the classic to the contemporary.

Transparency for Precision: Crafted from transparent orange acrylic, this template ensures a clear view of your work, simplifying tracing and designing shapes with precision and clarity. Your creations will resonate with elegance.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 190 X 100 mm
  • Thickness: 1 mm
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Plastic

Whether you're sketching intricate jewelry designs, creating illustrations that exude elegance, or crafting cards with a touch of refined style, this template is your indispensable companion for bringing your creative visions to life with precision and style. Design with elegance, confidence, and boundless possibilities.

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