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Jewelry Design Templates- Pear & Paisley Shapes (Set of 2)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Durable Material: Crafted from durable plastic, these stencils are built to withstand your creative endeavors. The bright orange color not only adds a touch of vibrancy but also ensures that your designs remain visible against various surfaces.

Two Convenient Sizes: This set includes two stencils with dimensions of 231mm x 146mm and 271mm x 184mm. These sizes provide you with ample space to create intricate and detailed jewelry designs with ease.

Versatile Application: Ideal for both beginners and experienced jewelry designers, these stencils can be used in a variety of art and craft applications. Whether you're designing jewelry, illustrating, or making cards, these stencils simplify the process of drawing shapes with precision.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Colour: Orange
  • Dimensions: 231mm x 146mm & 271mm x 184mm

Unlock your creative potential and explore a world of design possibilities with the Isomars Jewelry Designing Templates Set. Whether you're sketching jewelry designs, creating illustrations, or crafting unique cards, these stencils are the ideal companions to help you bring your artistic visions to life with precision and style.


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