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Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink (Set of 3) - Orange, Green, Lemon Yellow

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Versatility Meets Excellence: Isomars Technoart Ink is a versatile powerhouse that excels on various surfaces, making it perfect for a range of technical applications. Whether you're sketching, drafting, or illustrating, this ink ensures your work shines.

High Color Purity and Mixability: Experience the vibrancy of high color purity. These inks boast colors that pop and remain true to your artistic vision. What's more, you can mix these colored inks with one another, allowing you to create custom shades and gradients.

Quantity and Colors: Each bottle contains 25 ml of premium ink. This set includes Orange, Green, and Lemon Yellow, offering a spectrum of creative possibilities. Please note that this ink is not suitable for tattoo usage.

Uncompromising Adhesion and Waterproof Reliability: Achieve precision and accuracy with ink that adheres flawlessly to your chosen surface. Plus, it's waterproof, providing peace of mind that your work remains intact and smudge-free, even in challenging conditions. 

Product Specifications:

  • Quantity - 25ml.
  • Technical Drawing Pen Ink - is an easy-flowing.
  • high opacity ink with excellent adhesion, suitable for tracing paper, vellum, drawing paper and line board.
  • Ink has high color purity.

Elevate your technical drawings with Isomars Technoart Technical Drawing Pen Ink. It's your passport to precise, vibrant, and lasting creations that reflect your dedication to quality. Order your set today and discover the difference that precision tools make in your drawings.

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