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Bamboo Pen & Calligraphy Ink Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Masterpiece in Every Drop: These specially formulated pigmented inks boast a high viscosity that makes them the ideal medium for paper, board, canvas, fabric, and wood. 

Limitless Creative Potential: With non-toxic, waterproof, lightfast, and permanent properties, this combo empowers artists of all levels to explore a wide spectrum of creative possibilities. 

Comprehensive Color Mixing: Experience the joy of color blending with inks that allow for comprehensive mixing. Achieve custom shades and gradients that bring your artistic vision to life in vivid detail.

 Product Specifications:

  • Ink Type: Pigmented Inks (India Waterproof Inks and Calligraphy Ink)
  • Surface Compatibility: Paper, Board, Canvas, Fabric, Wood
  • Combo Includes: India Waterproof Inks, Calligraphy Ink, and Two Bamboo Pens

Unlock a world of creativity with the India Waterproof Inks and Calligraphy Ink Combo. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning your creative journey, this combo is your trusted companion in bringing your artistic visions to life. Order yours today and embark on a voyage of self-expression through vibrant, permanent, and waterproof inks.

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