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Acrylic Ink (Set of 10)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Kaleidoscope of Inspiration: With 10 bottles of intense color, including Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Brown, Violet, Lemon Yellow, and Orange, your artistic palette knows no bounds. These acrylic inks empower you to create, explore, and bring your imagination to life.

Unwavering Quality: Feel the confidence of knowing that your artwork is built to last. Isomars Magic Color Acrylic Inks are waterproof when dry, lightfast, and permanent, preserving your creations for generations to come. Your artwork will maintain its vibrancy, even in the face of time.

Safety Meets Versatility: Safety is a priority, and Isomars has crafted these inks with non-toxic materials. They are environmentally friendly and suitable for artists of all ages and levels. 

Endless Applications: Whether you're a designer, airbrush artist, illustrator, fine artist, or crafting enthusiast, Isomars Magic Color Acrylic Inks are your trusted companions. Use them for illustrations, designs, airbrushing, fine art, crafts, and more, expanding your creative horizons with every stroke.

Product Highlights:

  • Set of 10 Pigmented Acrylic Inks
  • High Viscosity for Precise Control
  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
  • Waterproof When Dry, Lightfast, and Permanent
  • Ready for Immediate Use with Accurate Dispensing Droppers

Isomars Magic Color Acrylic Inks are more than just inks; they are the keys to unlocking your artistic potential. Elevate your art with vibrant, waterproof, and lasting colors that empower your imagination. Order your set today and embark on a journey of boundless artistic expression!

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