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Vary Form Curve Ruler (24")

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatile Contour Ruler: The Isomars Vary Form Curve Ruler is a versatile contour ruler that can be used for lapels, elbows, skirts, slacks, trousers, or any garment area where a special contour is required.

Calibrated Edges: This ruler features a calibrated edge on one side and two sides, providing you with the necessary measurements for accurate pattern drawing and contour adjustment.

Precision for Various Garment Parts: The ruler is especially useful for patternmakers and tailors in drawing armholes, sleeve caps, necklines, collars, and in adjusting the fit of garments around the waist and crotch.

Product Specifications
  • Ruler Type: Vary Form Curve Ruler
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Ideal For: Patternmakers, Tailors, Sewing Enthusiasts

Whether you're a professional patternmaker, a skilled tailor, or a sewing enthusiast, this versatile ruler provides the tools you need to create and adjust garment contours with confidence and precision. Trust in Isomars for quality and efficiency in your creative endeavors, and bring your sewing and tailoring ideas to life with the utmost accuracy.

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