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Seam Ripper SR04 (Set of 4)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Versatile Stitch Removal: These versatile tools are perfect for effortlessly removing stitches, whether you're correcting mistakes or making alterations to your projects.

Fabric-Friendly: One of the standout features of these seam rippers is their precision. They allow you to remove stitches with surgical precision, minimizing the risk of accidentally damaging the fabric. 

Compact and Protective: Each seam ripper in this set comes with a plastic cover. This not only keeps the tool protected when not in use but also makes them easy to store and transport. 

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: Set of 4 seam rippers

  • Stitch Removal: Designed for efficient stitch removal without fabric damage

  • Protective Covers: Each seam ripper comes with a plastic cover for safety and storage

The Isomars Seam Ripper SR04 - Set of 4 is the ideal companion for sewers and crafters. These seam rippers offer precision and ease of use, making stitch removal a breeze. The included protective covers ensure that your tools remain in excellent condition and ready for use whenever needed.

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