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Zig Zag Fabric Scissor with Bonus Gifts

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Precision Zig Zag Cutting: The Isomars Zig Zag Fabric Scissor is specially designed for fabric crafters. Its unique zig-zag blade pattern ensures clean, precise cuts, making it ideal for various fabric types, including cotton, silk, felt, and more. Say goodbye to frayed edges and uneven lines.

Durable Stainless Steel Handles: This material not only adds strength but also provides a comfortable grip for extended crafting sessions. Count on these scissors for long-lasting performance.

Bonus Gifts: When you choose the Isomars Zig Zag Fabric Scissor, you're not just getting a top-notch cutting tool. We're including two fantastic bonus gifts to enhance your crafting toolkit—a handy Thread Cutter and a versatile Tracing Wheel. 

Product Specifications

  • Scissor Material: Stainless steel handles
  • Cutting Blade: Zig-zag pattern for precision
  • Bonus Gifts: Thread Cutter and Tracing Wheel

The Isomars Zig Zag Fabric Scissor with Bonus Gifts empowers you to take your fabric crafting to new heights. With precise cutting, durable construction, and valuable bonus items, this tool is your trusted companion for all your fabric projects. Create with confidence and enjoy the art of crafting like never before.

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