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Drawing & Drafting Board(A2 size- 18.5" x 25.5") with Detachable T-Square Scale

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Quality That Impresses, Price That Delights: The Isomars Drawing & Drafting Board redefines affordability without compromising on quality. Crafted from melamine wood and laminated on both sides, it delivers a durable and sleek surface that withstands the rigours of creative work, all at a competitive price.

Precision at Your Fingertips: Embrace the precision of the detachable T-Square Scale, included free with the board. It's an essential tool that guarantees accuracy and professionalism in every line you draw.

Smart Design for Convenience: The board supports a 15° working angle, ensuring ergonomic comfort during long drawing sessions. The carry handle adds portability, making it easy to take your creativity wherever you go.

Product Specifications:

  • Board Size: A2 (18.5" x 25.5")
  • Material: Melamine Wood with Dual-Sided Lamination
  • Working Angle: 15°

The Isomars Drawing & Drafting Board with Detachable T-Square Scale embodies our commitment to quality without compromise. Experience the seamless union of function, affordability, and precision in your creative endeavours.

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