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Technical Compass Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Adjustment Mechanism: This compass set boasts a convenient button-mechanism for rapid adjustment, allowing for precise settings with ease. No more fumbling with complex adjustments; achieve accuracy effortlessly.

  2. Simultaneous Opening and Closing: Experience seamless operation with the ability for simultaneous opening and closing of both legs. This feature enhances efficiency in your technical drawings, ensuring a smooth and controlled process.

  3. Unrivaled Protection: Say goodbye to unintended leg openings and unwanted changes in radius. Our compass set is designed with a high degree of protection, providing you with a reliable tool that maintains your chosen settings throughout your work.

  4. Comprehensive Set: The set includes spare needles, a lengthening bar, and a practical lead box, providing you with all the essentials for a seamless drawing experience.

  5. Perfect Length: With a length of 10 cm, this compass set strikes the ideal balance between portability and precision. Carry it with you effortlessly, and be ready to create precise technical drawings wherever inspiration strikes.

Unleash the precision in your technical drawings with the Isomars Technical Precision Rapid Adjustment Compass Set. Invest in quality, invest in precision — because your drawings deserve the best!

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