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French Ship Curves Stencil - Set of 6

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

  1. Set of 6 French Ship Curves:

    • Versatile Drawing Tool: This set includes six French Ship Curves of varying dimensions, providing versatility in your designs. From smaller details to larger curves, this set has you covered.
    • Transparent Design: Crafted from transparent, clear plastic, these ship curves offer a high rate of transparency. This feature allows you to see the drawing medium below the template, making positioning and tracing a breeze.
  2. Dimensions:

    • Tailored to Precision: Each curve in the set comes in specific dimensions to cater to different design requirements.
      • 185mm
      • 175mm
      • 180mm
      • 255mm
      • 173mm
      • 140mm

Isomars is committed to offering top-notch quality at a competitive price. The French Ship Curves Stencil Set is a testament to this commitment, providing you with reliable tools without compromising your budget. Isomars brings you a set of tools that marries quality craftsmanship with affordability. The French Ship Curves Stencil Set of 6 is an investment in precision and durability.

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