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Drawing & Drafting Mini Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Components:

  1. Mini Drafter - Student:

    • Crafted with a steel rod metal frame, ensuring durability for long-term use.
    • Unbreakable scale for accurate measurements, providing a sturdy foundation for your drawings.
  2. Set Square Set of 2 - SS1012:

    • Two clear plastic set squares (10" x 12") with a bevel edge and protractor.
    • Precise markings for 45° and 60° angles, facilitating accurate and intricate designs.
  3. Pro Circle - P45:

    • A clear plastic pro circle (11cm/4.5") designed for precision and ease of use.
    • With a thickness of 1.8mm, it's an essential tool for circular designs and drafting.
  4. Ruler 12" - Y12:

    • Clear plastic ruler with both-side bevel for versatile usage.
    • Dimensions of 300 x 40 x 2.5mm, providing the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity.

Isomars takes pride in offering top-notch quality at a competitive price point. The Mini Combo is a testament to this commitment, delivering a range of essential tools that meet the needs of discerning artists without straining the budget.

Compact in size but grand in functionality, the Isomars Drawing & Drafting Mini Combo is your go-to kit for unleashing your creative potential. Whether you're a student embarking on a creative journey or a professional refining your craft.

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