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Engineering Kit

Paul Brothers

Key Components:

  1. Mini Drafter - Student

    • Steel Rod Metal Frame: Ensures stability and durability.
    • Unbreakable Scale: Precision in every measurement for detailed engineering drawings.
  2. Set Squares - Technical Drafting Rulers (Set of 2)

    • Professional Triangles: Clear plastic triangles of 10" and 12" for accurate angles.
    • Thickness - 2.9 mm: Sturdy construction for lasting durability.
    • Markings on Both Sides: Measure with precision using markings in both millimeters and inches.
  3. Technical Precision Rapid Adjustment Compass Set

    • Convenient Rapid Adjustment: Achieve precise settings swiftly with the button mechanism.
    • Simultaneous Opening and Closing: Ensures a seamless experience in creating circles and arcs.
    • High Degree of Protection: Prevents unintended leg opening, maintaining a consistent radius.
    • Length: 185 mm: Perfectly sized for engineering precision.
    • Spare Needle and Lead Box: Additional supplies for continuous use.
  4. French Curves - Set of 3

    • Shapes A, B, C: A set of three clear plastic curves with inking edges for added versatility.
    • Sizes A, B, C: Varied sizes to accommodate different curve requirements.
  5. Half D 180° Protractor - 6 Inches

    • Precision Protractor: Accurate angle measurement for intricate engineering designs.
  6. 12 Inches Scale

    • Versatile Scaling: An essential tool for varied scaling needs in engineering drawings.

The Isomars Engineering Kit is a meticulously crafted set that brings together essential tools for engineers who demand precision and reliability in their work. From triangles and compasses to protractors and scales, this kit is a testament to Isomars' commitment to quality at a competitive price.

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