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Engineering Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Mini Drafter: The Isomars Engineering Combo includes a Mini Drafter designed for students and professionals alike. It features a steel rod and a metal frame for stability and durability.

Set Squares: Their 2.9mm thickness provides rigidity, and they feature markings on both sides in both millimeters and inches. Set squares are essential tools for accurately drawing angles in conjunction with a straightedge on a drawing board.

Technical Compass Set: It consists of a center wheel compass, spare needle, pencil attachment, extension bar, precise radius adjustments, and a lead box. 

French Curves: These curves are crucial for achieving smooth, freehand curves and lines in your technical drawings. Made from clear plastic with inking edges, they provide the flexibility and precision needed for intricate designs.

Pro Circle 180°: The combo also includes a Pro Circle with a 180-degree angle for drawing precise circular shapes. It's a valuable addition to your drafting toolkit.

12-Inch Scale: To ensure accuracy in measurements, a 12-inch scale is included, ideal for a wide range of drawing and drafting applications.

Product Specifications
  • Set Squares: Two professional triangles (10" with 45 degrees, 12" with 60 degrees), clear plastic, 2.9mm thickness, markings in mm/inch
  • French Curves: Set of 12 curves in different sizes (A, B, C), clear plastic with inking edges

Whether you're working on architectural plans, engineering diagrams, or artistic designs, this set ensures accuracy and efficiency in your work. Upgrade your drafting toolkit with the Isomars Engineering Combo for reliable, high-quality results.

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