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Designer Kit Board A2 Size - 18'' x 25''

Paul Brothers

Key Features:
  • Craftsmanship at Its Best: The Kit Board A2 Size is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Laminated on both sides and designed with precision, it offers a dependable canvas for your creative endeavors.

  • Exceptional Value: This kit goes beyond expectations by offering a treasure trove of essential tools at a competitive price. Experience the luxury of professional-grade materials without breaking the bank.

  • Optimal Working Angle: With a fixed 15-degree working angle, this board ensures ergonomic comfort during your creative sessions, enabling you to work for hours without fatigue.

Comprehensive Kit Includes:

  • Set Square (30°/60°/12")
  • Protractor (180°/6")
  • French Curve Set of 3
  • Triangular Scale No-4
  • 2mm Lead Sharpener
  • Led Tube with 10 2mm leads
  • Compass Set
  • Erasing Shield
  • Durable Kit Bag for Easy Portability

 The Kit Board A2 Size exemplifies our commitment to providing exceptional tools that inspire creativity. It's not just a kit; it's an investment in your artistic journey.

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