Isomars Set Square 10" x 12", Pro Circle, 12 Inch Scale, 2mm Pencil with Lead, Eraser Combo Brand: Isomars


1. Set Squares Drafting Rulers are combination of 10" and 12" professional triangles made of clear plastic . Set Squares are used in conjunction with straightedge of drawing board to draw accurate angles.With Protractor. 25cm/10"- 45 degrees 30cm/12"-60 degrees Thickness - 2.5 mm Markings on both side in mm/inch. 2. Mechanical Pencil is designed for long-lasting use. Non-slip metal grip is for daily writing. It is the suitable tool for sketching and drawing. Superior drafting pencil for general and technical writing. 3. Pro Circle - 11cm/4.5" *Clear Plastic *Thickness : 1.8mm 4. 12" Plastic Scale 5. Rubber

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