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Mini Drafter Engineering Kit (Set of 6)

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Mini Drafter - Student: This Mini Drafter includes a robust steel rod and a metal frame, providing stability and precision for your technical drawings. The unbreakable scale ensures accurate measurements, making it an ideal tool for students and professionals alike.

Compass Set of 8: Eight essential compasses, each serving a specific purpose, cater to all your drafting and drawing needs. Whether you're sketching circles, arcs, or intricate geometric shapes, this compass set has you covered.

Set Square Set of 2: A set of two reliable set squares assists in achieving precise angles and lines in your drawings, making them indispensable for engineering and architectural projects.

Product Specifications:

  • Mini Drafter Dimensions: Student size with a steel rod and metal frame
  • Compass Set: Set of 8 compasses for various drawing needs
  • Set Square Set: Set of 2 set squares for precise angles
  • Art # SS810: 8" x 10" clear plastic sheets with protractor
  • 20cm/8" - 45° x 25cm/10" - 60°: Clear plastic bevel edge sheets with protractor
  • Pro Circle - Art # P45: 11cm/4.5" clear plastic pro circle
  • Ruler 12" - Art # Y12: 12-inch clear plastic ruler with both side bevels
  • Sheet Container Dimensions: 7 cm OD, 47 cm without opening, 70 cm after opening

The Isomars Mini Drafter Engineering Kit Set of 6 is your gateway to precision engineering and drafting. Whether you're a student or a professional in the field, this kit equips you with the essential tools for your technical drawings, designs, and creative projects. Order your kit today and experience the difference it makes in your engineering endeavors. With Isomars, precision is at your fingertips.

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